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May 30, 2010

Ini adalah pengulangan kepada IM aku tadi, cuma lebih banyak merapu.

Salam semua... Ini adalah pengunguman penting berkaitan Pharma section kita. Section Pharmacology kita akan diadakan pada hari esok, pukul 8 pagi. harap maklum.Semua orang kena datang walaupun esok kemungkinan group A dan B saja present.  Kelas ganti untuk pathology kita masih dalam perbincangan.



May 26, 2010

Assalamualaikum semua warga section satu. Sila ambil prhatian bahawa pada hari esok, 27 Mei 2010, kelas pharmacology kita dibatalkan dan akan digantikan pada hari Isnin (akan di konfemkan lagi kemudian). Bagi section gross pathology pula, (10 PAGI), hanya group yang membentang iaitu group A & B wajib hadir. Itu sahaja informasi terbaru sekarang ni. Selamat mencuba dan selamat berjaya untuk exam esok. MAJULAH SECTION SATU!


Sepuluh Jari disusun

May 25, 2010

Tiada yang lebih menyayat hati aku dan Amin selain melihat ahli section satu berjalan , berlegar-legar tanpa arah tuju di fakulti kita. Bwah2 pokok ade, depan koperasi ade, duduk bawah panas (stadi sambil kena sun tan. ), tepi tangga, bawah tangga, tepi pagar, dan sebagainya. Sedih, sedih. Tabahlah. Mesti ada hikmah disebalik malapetaka kelas batal pagi tadi. 

Bersesuaian dengan tajuk entri aku di atas itu, aku bagi pihak Amin dan Prof Amani pathology ingin menyusun 30 jari , memohon maaf atas kesulitan yang menimpa anda semua pagi tadi. Sedih aku tengok, duduk dlm bilik kena halau pulak. Maafkan kami.

Mungkin ini ujian. Mungkin ini juga apa yang omputeh panggil ada 'blessing in disguise'. Kita tak tahu. Sesungguhnya setiap yang berlaku ada sebab dan hikmahnya.. kita tunggu dan lihat. kalau bukan di sini, mungkin di sana nanti,... baiklah section satu, midterm kita lusa. study betul betul. dlm bhs swak die, blajar benar-benar. kalau bhs kelantan, study molek. gitu ke? Mijah, betulkan kalau salah. Mari kita mulakan pesta stadi!

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senyumlah section 1

May 14, 2010


ini gambar2 kte smua thn lpas.. ad sket jer gmbar ngn ak..

so basically,


Pract biochem DIscussion

May 13, 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I found this piece of paper in my biochemistry book that has a list of questions and answers about carbohydrate metabolism and it took me quite some time to remember why and when did I jot them down. It was during our practical class with Dr Hanan and the other Doctor, I don't remember his name, sorry. Ok, just thought I'd share 'em with my sectionmates. Hope that they would be beneficial. And urm, if you don't understand, why is the answer is the answer for the question, don't ask me please. I just jot them down. That doesn't mean I fully understand 'em. But you can ask our other friends like Ain, Kakjah, Atikah for the girls and for the boys...I dunno, you guys just ask your friends who are pros in bichemistry which I don't know who.


1. Why is HMP is very active in adrenal cortex?
-->bcoz HMP provides ribose-5-P and NADPH+H which is needed for the synthesis of steroid hormones by the adrenal cortex.
(refer back on the functions or importance of HMP)

2. What are the different roles of Vit B in HMP?
-->as a co-enzyme, e.g: TPP in Trasnketolase enzyme.
(Please know the other terms for vit B, e.g: pyridoxine stands for Vit B6)

3. What are the importance of glycolysis in RBCs?
-->Energy production
-->reduction of met Hb by NADH
-->2,3 BPG helps unloading of oxygen from Hb.

4. Know the key enzymeS and the rate limiting enzyme for every metabolism we have learned:
-->glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, CAC, HMP, glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, (buka buku tgk sndri!)

5. Carbon dioxide fixation reaction(carboxylation process/incorporation of carbon dioxide into the substrate)
--pyruvate-->OXALOACETATE, by pyruvate carboxylase+biotin
--propionyl CoA-->D-Methyl malonyl CoA by propionyl CoA carboxylase+biotin
--Acetyl CoA-->Malonyl CoA by carboxylase

6. Source of Carbon dioxide for carbon dioxide fixation reaction?

7. Which reaction from CAC produces Carbon dioxide?
-->isocitrate dehydrogenase reaction(oxidative DECARBOXYLATION reaction)
-->alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase reaction

8. WhAt can inhibit CAC?
--Arsenite or mercury -->bind with -SH group of lipoic acid
--malonic acid-->inhibit succinic acid dehydrogenase by competitive inhibition
--fluoroacetyl coA-->COMBINES WITH OAA giving fluorocitrate-->inhibit aconitase enzyme

9. At which site/enzyme, CAC can be inhibited?( tgk buku sendiri)

10. At which site from glycolysis is ATP produced at substrate level?
-->phosphoglycerate kinase and pyruvate kinase

11. At which site from CAC is ATP produced at substrate level?
-->Succinate thiokinase

12. Importance of HMP in RBC?
--> Provides NADPH for the removal of hydrogen peroxide which will attack the cell membrane and causes hemolytic anemia if not removed.

13. Importance of uronic acid pathway.(it has its importaNce but it never produces ATP!)

14. iMPORTANCE of glycogenolysis in liver?
--> to maintain blood glucose level

15. iMPORTANCE of glycogenolysis in muscle?
--> produce energy

Ok, that's all.


Dialu-alukan kalau nak sebarkan soklan & jawapan ni kpd semua rakan2 kita yg lain.
I just thought that if the professors discussed all these questions with us in the section, they must be very important clinically, a must know facts, or they are famous in the exams. So, all the best and let's give our very best, your utmost best in the midterms. Toodles and wassalam~

&%^#@ ALL OUT~~!!!!!!

May 5, 2010

Assalamualaikum warga seksyen satu dan seksyen lain yang menjenguk blog seksyen satu.

for all the reasons to think, on why cant our section win the best section award, and on how basically we may just not that kewll to get it, i think that suppose we should have that award.

owh kay, my word has been awkward. ignore above.

so basically,

our section need to be the best.
IF we cant be the best, it is already the best for us to be BETTER than that of us in the previous semester.

well then that just basically means that we had to be better than the last semester.

IF i may say that, for the last semester we achieve a result full of B's, few C's and A's, and probably some tiny specks of black box, we then have to achieve a slightly better than that. or if slightly not the word to describe your adjectives,
well then, get d most damnedest result of your life~!!
be the frickkin best!!

let your parents, sisters, brothers, cat, uncle, dogs, frog, lamp, car, all AWE of your AWESOMENESS that they think you couldn't even achieve or they had prayed so much in day and night that you could achieve such awesomeness.
*yeah, thats right, make ur parents proud of you..

what i can say is that, during the last semester, i dont think that we had gave our best yet.

i mean, by a simple manner, i think myself as hypocritically pathetic. and that goes to anyone else who thinks that they're in d same boat as me. in which, everyone are, i think..

well then, enough of this nonsense,

what i really want to stress upon in this post is that,

dear all my friend,

i had got an advice from a friend of mine.

n she said,

"for this mid term exam, try to give ALL OUT. cuz, simply if u can score this mid term exam, that means that u had been studying enough already. n later on it would be easier to prepare ourself for the final exam."

so thats it.



*but then, if u r still asking urself why shud u gave all out in this exam (no goals to achieve), well.. why dont u take a mirror, look at urself, ask that question, and answer it urself. or simply take a walk of fresh air outside.